Since July 1997, the Hermione-La Fayette Association has embarked on a great adventure, the reconstruction of the frigate Hermione, a ship that, in 1780, allowed La Fayette to join the American insurgents fighting for their independence. Rebuilding Hermione is restoring an element of our maritime heritage. It is to engage a big building site at the service of the economy and the culture of a whole region.

In the heart of the arsenal of Rochefort, L'Hermione prepares its next trip. In 2018, she will set sail for the Mediterranean. In the meantime, sailors and craftsmen are on deck to service the frigate and train the future crew. Enjoy this excitement to immerse yourself in the adventure Hermione! Visit the exhibitions, workshops (costumerie, forge, sailmaking, rigging, ...) and board the ship. A route allows you to discover the places of life and work of the crew: the steering wheel, the refectory, the space of the guns, the workshop of the master carpenter ... And for those who do not have the dizziness, put on your harness and experience the Hermione's sailors climbing in the Hooks!

Sailor's visit
A guide Hermione welcomes you to tell you the adventure on board. Through his story, discover the daily life of sailors today, their work during the shifts, their memories of navigation ... From the upper deck to the "posts", the sleeping areas, discover the world of sailors. Access to the interior of the ship: upper deck, battery bridge and false bridge.

La Corderie Royale
Take advantage of the Hermione - Corderie Royale twin ticket for discover the new permanent exhibition on the manufacture of ropes.

Hermione is located in Rochefort, its home port, 40 km (40 minutes by car) from Mathes - La Palmyre. />
Photo credit: Hermione-La Fayette Association - L.Baillard