Île Madame

At the estuary of the Charente, explore the wildest and smallest of the islands of Charentais pertuis, facing Port-des-Barques. It is accessible only at low tide by car, bike or on foot, by the Passe aux Bœufs, a sand and pebble road of one kilometer long.

Let yourself lock up the time a tide on the island Madame, natural protection of the estuary of the Charente. On foot, by bike, and even by horse-drawn carriage, make a nature stop on one of the most enchanting sites of Rochefort Océan! While touring the island, discover the casemates of Fort, protector of Arsenal Rochefort. The Conservatoire du Littoral exhibits superb retrospectives on the fauna and flora, geology and history of Île Madame. The island shelters the imposing Cross with the Rollers which becomes each summer, a place of pilgrimage in memory of the refractory priests deported at the time of the Revolution. Further, stop at the Farm Aquaculture for lunch, afternoon tea, tasting of oysters ... or a guided tour of the farm.

Isle Madame, classified natural site, you offers unquestionably one of the best views on the Charentais coastline. From there, you can clearly see Port-des-Barques, Fouras-les-Bains, the islands of Aix, Ré and Oléron, without forgetting Fort Enet and Fort Boyard. Now you better understand the entire history of the estuary, protected from all sides by its islands and forts! By high tide, become a fisherman on foot hulls, scallops ... a beautiful moment of sharing in a fragile space to respect. From the beach, do not forget to admire the elegant squared pontoons, pride of the island Madame.

The island Madame is located 40 km (1 hour by car) of the Mathes - La Palmyre .