Île d'Aix

A small crescent of land 3 km long and 700 m wide, classified on the list of remarkable natural sites, the Island of Aix is ​​a fragile place that we must preserve. True microcosm where all the landscapes are represented, it can be discovered only on foot or by bicycle, the traffic has been voluntarily limited to what is strictly necessary.

It is located off the peninsula of Fouras. Parking is at your disposal at the tip of the smoke in Fouras. After a 20-minute boat ride, you can walk around the island in 3 hours, 1 hour by horse-drawn carriage or rent a bike. It offers a 360 ° panorama with a breathtaking view of Fort Boyard (located on the cadastre of the town of Aix), in the West with in the background the island of Oléron, the island of Ré North , Isle Madame to the South.

It's not trivial if some people call it the "little Corsica of the Atlantic"! On this small crescent of paradise of 129 hextares, the time seems to be suspended, with its houses with white facades, its hollyhocks which reach the height of the roofs and the "quasi" absence of motorized vehicles! Few residents in the year (234 Aixois), its population increases on weekends of spring and during the summer season ... to reach peaks of 5000 people. As small as it is, the island of Aix offers everyone something to enjoy with the five beaches, a dense forest that covers half of the island and a rich and fortified heritage.

The island of Aix, at least the pier of Fouras to join by the boat, is 55 km (1 hour by car) Mathes - La Palmyre.