Les Grottes de Matata

Hotel, creperie and ecomuseum located in the limestone cliffs of Meschers sur Gironde, near Royan. These troglodyte dwellings were dug by the sea 65 million years ago, then manned and inhabited from time immemorial.

The caves of Matata comprise different independent activities:

  • An ecomuseum retracing life in the caves of prehistory to the present day.
  • A 6-bedroom hotel with panoramic views of the Gironde estuary.
  • A creperie in the caves and its terrace overlooking the estuary.

The Matata Caves are on two floors on the cliff side. The museum housed in a dozen caves invites you to go back in time through a reconstruction of the troglodyte habitat from prehistory to the present day. The men of prehistory probably found in these caves a refuge against ferocious beasts. In addition, several living conditions were found there: the sources of drinking water, the fish that one could fish in the rich waters of the estuary ... You will also discover there the fossilized richness of the sea beds of Cretaceous: rudists, ammonites, nautiluses, sea urchins, corals, oysters ...

In aquariums, you will be able to observe some species of fish frequenting the waters of the estuary, among others, the famous producer of caviar: Sturgeon ... In one of the caves, you will discover the reconstitution of a typically Saintongeais habitat of the 19th century: bed, kitchen utensils, collection of old regional faience, traditional costumes, headdresses and dressers. Come discover this unusual tourist site located between Royan and Talmont and dive into the stories and legends that have nourished this site.

The Matata Caves are located 30 km (40 minutes by car) from Les Mathes - The Palmyra.