Jet ski

Our partner Oceanic Jet Quad Adventure offers from May to September initiations and excursions in jet ski with instructor to discover the basin of Marennes-Oléron and Fort Boyard. The unlicensed boat trips are made from the Dry Port of La Tremblade and are supervised by qualified instructors, to discover the island of Oleron, oyster beds and Fort Boyard.

"Discovery" hike

Beautiful walk of 45 Kms in the Marennes Oléron basin. Discover Fort Louvois, oyster beds, bridges, beaches ...
All-inclusive price per jet (1 or 2 people): 110 €

Rando "Fort Boyard"

Set out to conquer the famous Fort Boyard on an 80 km course.
Located between Ile d'Oleron and Île d'Aix, you will keep unforgettable memories.
All inclusive price per jet (1 or 2 people): 210 €

Prices include jet, monitor frame, fuel, suits and vests.